Strategic Solutions develops strategies to launch and position (or reposition) an organization and its services, programs and products; advances consistent and well-positioned marketing messages; and develops and launches marketing and advertising campaigns.   

SSI ensures consistency and accuracy both locally and nationally, helps create the overall look and voice and customizes marketing and promotional material for multiple purposes: membership programs, training programs, fundraising ventures, special events and so forth.  

SSI also enhances the name identity of an organization by designing visual and copy brands for programs, events, websites and other communication and marketing vehicles.

Services include  

*   Market Analysis
*   Market Research
*   Marketing Planning
*   Marketing Strategies __________________________________________________________________

Marketing involves a wide range of activities that ensure an organizaion continues to meet the needs of clients, customers or constituents, and is getting value in return. Successful marketing involves an analysis of the market, market research, marketing planning and strategies. Marketing also includes ongoing promotions and entails advertising, public relations, sales and customer service.


Market analysis entails factors that influence costs involved in achieving a significant market share, and involves finding out  

*   What groups of potential customers (or markets) exist
*   What groups of customers you prefer to serve (target markets)
*   What are the needs of your customers
*   What services/products can you develop to meet their needs
*   How might your customers prefer to use the services/products
*   What your competitors are doing
*   What pricing or fee scale to use
*   How to delivery services/products to your target markets  

Factors to consider include:  

*   Market strength
*   Effective service delivery
*   Organizational experience or corporate capabilities
*   Challenges
*   Technological advances
*   Infrastructure
*   Operations
*   Operating capital

Market research helps illuminate information about markets, target markets and their needs, competitors, etc. 

SSI works with organizations and corporations to better determine the need for services or products by identifying markets and target- market demographics using a variety of methods from market assessments to focus groups to online surveys.


A sound marketing plan is essential to organizational success, and should include market analysis, market research, demographics, target customer, competition, positioning, services or product, pricing, advertising and promotion.

Effective marketing, planning and promotion begins with key factors about the marketplace, and should identify the following:

*  Your organization’s business
*  Your customers
*  Your plan and budget
*  Your objective
*  Your message 

The planning process should also yields decisions about how an organization can best compete in the markets it elects to serve. The strategic plan is based upon the totality of the marketing process. There are two major components: 

*   How your organization will respond to a competitive marketplace
*   How your organization will implement and support daily operations   _____________________________________________________________________

Marketing strategies are effective if they make your organization more competitive.  SSI considers many factors in developing marketing strategies for clients. For your edification, some of the more critical factors are outlined below.  

The Health of the Market & Your Organization 

1. Market is favorable + organization is successful = invest best resources in support of your services, products or offerings  

2. Market is favorable + organization is weak = strengthen your organization using services, products or offerings as a stepping stone  

3. Market is unfavorable + organization is successful = implement effective marketing campaign for your services, products or offering to generate near term profits  

4. Market is unfavorable + organization is weak = promote your services, products or offerings only if they support a more profitable part of your operation; otherwise, determine the most cost effective way to divest your organization ______________________________________________________________________

Strategies Effective for Services/Offerings and Industry  

1. Cost Leadership Strategy: produce and market a good quality product or service at lower cost than competitors. Low costs should translate to profit margins that are higher than the industry average. Some of the conditions that should exist to support a cost leadership strategy include on-going availability of operating capital, good process engineering skills, close management of labor, products designed for ease of manufacturing and low cost distribution.  

2. Differentiation Strategy: create a product or service that is perceived as being unique in your industry. The emphasis can be on brand image, proprietary technology, special features, superior service, a strong distributor network or other aspects that might be specific to your industry. This uniqueness should also translate to profit margins that are higher than the industry average. Some of the conditions that should exist to support this strategy include strong marketing abilities, effective service delivery, creative personnel, the ability to perform basic research and a good reputation.  

3. Focus Strategy: address a focused segment of the marketplace by serving a particular target in a unique way that makes it difficult for others to compete. Usually means addressing a substantially smaller market segment than competitors in the industry but because of minimal competition, profit margins can be high.   ­­______________________________________________________________________

Other Critical Factors:  

* Promote and advertise services or offerings
* Select best service delivery or distribution method(s)
* Identify factors that positively or negatively impact industry and market
   growth; and consider:

   *  Government Reforms 
   *  Demographic Changes
   *  Economic Changes
   *  Emerging Technology
   *  Cultural/Social Trends

* Know strength and viability of services/products
* Know organization’s ability to effectively produce services/products
* Analyze market for strengths and current activities