Strategic Solutions helps organizations design, prepare and execute strategic communications, and deliver communications campaigns that enhance the visibility and viability of an organization, and advance its mission, vision, services, programs or products.

Comprehensive communications services include:   

*  Communications strategy and plan development
*  Communications collateral design and provision
*  Communications matrix/change map creation
*  Audience and message analysis
*  Change readiness audits
*  Presentation planning and design
*  Intranet/extranet design development
*  Intranet/extranet content development
*  Digital signage, CDs, e-bulletins


SSI defines strategic, actionable goals and helps organizations use strategic communications to create, strengthen or preserve opinion favorable to the attainment of goals among key audiences and stakeholders.  

The purpose of a strategic communications plan is to integrate organizational programs, services, public education and advocacy efforts. By planning a long-term strategy, an organization will be better positioned to be proactive and strategic in relation to environmental factors vs. reactionary.  

A strategic plan will help deploy resources more effectively and purposefully by highlighting shared and interrelated opportunities in programs and public initiatives.

In brief they will:  

*  Create more effective programs
*  Create greater visibility
*  Promote favorable policy
*  Reduce operation costs
*  Support operational effectiveness
*  Increase consumer satisfaction ______________________________________________________________________

The creation and adoption of a strategic communications plan often represents a significant step for an organization. For many, the adoption of a plan is a cultural shift toward communications and a clear recognition that all the organization’s efforts have a communications element.   

Public education, grassroots organizing, research, public advocacy, direct services and fundraising are all communications tasks vital to the health and success of a organization, both nonprofit or for-profit.  

A strategic communications plan has the power to transform an organization, both in terms of credibility and community status, as well as the way you work together as a team to achieve your mission and vision.  

There are six things to know before implementing a communication plan:  

      1.  Infrastructure
      2.  Goals
      3.  Target
      4.  Audience
      5.  Message
      6.  Timeframe

SSI offers the following communications planning products:  

Planning Framework: identifies goals, target, audiences, strategic results

Communications Strategy: defines operational priorities and approaches;
    identifies and creates message

Program Plan: describes programs, management and available resources

Implementation Plan: executes plan within identified timeframe