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Data Analysis


Strategic Solutions offers a full spectrum of research, evaluation and assessment services designed to ensure continuous quality improvement of your program, product, services and/or organization.  We also identify and benchmark best practices and establish accountability systems.


Services consist of the following:

I.    Research/Evaluation Design
II.   Research/Evaluation Studies
III.  Data Collection
IV.  Instrumentation
V.   Data & Policy Analysis
VI.  Reporting

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And see Grants-based Evaluations below. 


Types of Evaluations (for which SSI provides services)

1. Program: SSI helps determine the efficacy of programs in relation to program processes, goals and anticipated outcomes.  

2. Cross-Functional Process: SSI helps determine the efficiency of processes that span several systems, such as programs, functions and products. Examples include information technology systems and quality management of services.  

3. Organizational: S
SI helps determine the health or success of the entire organization by examining its components and their relationship to each other.  Examples include mission, vision, goals, leadership, resource allocation and use, knowledge management, professional development, human resources, etc.

Types of Research (for which SSI provides services)

1. Market:
SSI helps organizations and corporations better determine the need for their services or products by identifying and illuminating information about markets, target markets and their demographics, needs, competitors, etc.  Also see Marketing.

2. Social Science:
SSI helps universities, academic institutions, think tanks and other organizations conduct large and small scale studies that investigate and illuminate social, policy, diversity, advocacy and other issues of relevance for diverse populations.

Grants-based Evaluations

Organizations often require evaluation services as part of a grant-funded project or initiative. Sponsors typically insist on having the project evaluated by an objective party–an Independent Evaluator—and this is where SSI can help.  

In addition to conducting the program evaluation, SSI will design the evaluation for public and private grants.  In some case, this service will be provided gratis when built-in for a minimum of 10% of the grant.  

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