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Established in 1996, Strategic Solutions, Inc. (SSI) is private, New York-based consulting firm and NYS Registered Contractor whose principal and associates have more than 25 years of experience providing a full range of solutions-oriented services designed to help clients establish organizational viability, visibility and fiscal solvency.

SSI is a reliable resource for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations alike, and consults with dozens of organizations, corporations and consulting firms locally and nationally.

We employ a holistic approach by integrating services that address the needs of the entire organization, from planning and development to communications and evaluation.  Our services also correspond with organizational initiatives such as organizational development (OD), knowledge management (KM), total quality management (TQM), continuous quality improvement (CQI) and benchmarking.  

In brief, all services are inextricably tied to the strategic objectives and mission of an organization and use methods that are effective, practical and purposeful.   

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SSI is a distinguished leader in the evaluation of programs, practices and organizations, and has successfully evaluated of a wide array of initiatives (local, regional and national), targeting a diversity of populations and addressing a multitude of efficacy, policy and market issues for a variety of sectors, including education, health, social and human services, among others.

SSI research credentials are substantial and entail expertise in study design, formative and summative evaluation, quantitative and qualitative methodologies, testing and measurement, instrument development, data analysis and report writing.    

Research is designed to provide clients with key information necessary to make informed decisions about programs, populations, organizations and markets.  
SSI serves as an independent evaluator for grant-based evaluations and the principal investigator for large and small scale research studies, including market and social science research. 

Continuous quality improvement (CQI), best practices and benchmarking are incorporated into all research and evaluation. ______________________________________________________________________

Throughout its history, SSI has also created and maintained a rare balance between the interests of organizations and their sponsors. We design award-winning grants, proposals and contracts that are viable as they are innovative—and that skillfully maximize an organization’s resources to meet grant requirements.

Grant amounts range from $10 thousand to $9 million—and in the past few years, SSI has helped raise more than $37 million in private and public funding for clients.

SSI works closely with senior leadership to plan and execute long and short-term strategies, identify diverse funding sources, oversee application procedures and review processes, prepare continuance, compliance and final reports, and help prepare budgets and fiscal reports.  

Lastly, our work is fast, accurate, on time and professional.  SSI has never missed a deadline, and is committed to providing high-quality services and professional-looking products for all our clients, regardless of size or resources. 

Every client is a priority and we tailor services and products to meet individual needs—no cookie-cutter approach here.  SSI also takes the time to meet or speak with clients routinely to ensure that each deliverable is accurate, anticipated and relevant. All questions and concerns are welcomed and addressed professionally and courteously.   

Moreover, fee-for-services are based on a sliding scale, making SSI affordable for most organizations, even small nonprofits and start-ups.

In sum, SSI is uniquely positioned to help your organization realize its vision, achieve its mission and meet its goals.