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Strategic Solutions has set the following terms for its consulting services.
Clients have a choice of the following options:

*  Six to 24-month retainer (most cost effective)
*  Long-term, ongoing contracts (reduced rates)
*  Per project rates (in special circumstance)
*  Per diem rates
*  Hourly rates  

Fees are set on a sliding scale:

*  Small Nonprofits
*  Medium Nonprofits
*  Large Nonprofits
*  Corporations

Note: We do not work on a percentage, commission or contingency basis.

Payment is due upon deliverable.

All work is fast, accurate, reliable, professional—and competitively priced. SSI has never missed a deadline, and is committed to providing high-quality services and professional-looking products for all our clients, regardless of size or resources. 

Every client is a priority and we tailor services and products to meet individual needs—no cookie-cutter approach here.  SSI also takes the time to meet or speak with clients routinely to ensure that each deliverable is accurate, anticipated and relevant.  All questions and concerns are welcomed and addressed professionally and courteously.   

For a consultation contact us at help@strategicsolutions.biz. We will set up a time to discuss your organization's needs and goals, and design a strategic work plan to assist you. 

Consultations are complimentary.

SSI negotiates fees and service options and set payment schedules and terms that are convenient for the client.  The client is invited to select the alternative that is right them.  The client is also welcome to mix-and-match.     

1) Grant-Based Services
: for services that are pre-written into a grant. Fees are typically calculated at eight percent (8%) of the direct (+) indirect costs of the total grant to derive an annual evaluation total.  Since these dollars are often pre-determined as part of the grant, SSI will adhere to these terms.  Payment of fees can be scheduled several ways: either upon completion of a set of deliverables or on a quarterly or monthly basis.  SSI is flexible and sets payment schedules that are convenient for clients.  

2) Per-Diem Services
: per-diem rates are established for services that are short-term (e.g., one month to one year) and involve a discrete, one-time set of activities. Fees are set on a sliding scale by type and size of organization, and are determined by the consultant’s per diem rate. Payment is due upon project completion or some pre-arranged schedule.  SSI sets payment schedules that are convenient for clients.  

3) Deliverable-based Services: for services (either short- or long-term) that arrange for the consultant to produce a specific deliverable or set of deliverables. With this option, fees are tied directly to the deliverables rather than based on a grant percentage or a per diem or hourly rate.  Clients can meet their grant obligations without incurring the full cost of a consultant by assigning to the consultant, only those tasks that require technical expertise or that cannot otherwise be performed in-house.  Deliverables may consist of grant writing, report preparation, instrument construction or data analysis, and so forth.   Payment is due upon deliverable. 

 4) Service-Based: for services that are long-term and ongoing, and may or may not be grant-based.  With this option, fees are tied directly to a set of services rather than based on a grant percentage, deliverable or per diem rate. This allows clients to choose a service plan relative to the amount of funds designated for such purposes. For example, if a client only has $10,000 available, they can select a basic, no-frills option for this amount.  Payment schedules are pre-arranged with the client.