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Strategic Solutions has a rich history of research and practice in organizational development and management, and facilitates efficacy through a process of change management—a strategy for accelerating acceptance of organizational change. The faster the change, the sooner intended results are realized.

Change Management Solutions

SSI helps organizations create and implement communication, training and reinforcement that address attitudes about change, facilitates transition and anticipates the affects of change on organizational policy, processes, programs, products, tools, technology and personnel.

SSI’s unique solutions-oriented change management consulting and training services bring fast results, and help organizations...

*  Make a compelling case for organizational change
*  Assess organization change readiness via easy-to-use tools
*  Conduct additional assessments as needed
*  Plan for potential resistance to change
*  Involve personnel in the change management process
*  Communicate the change and the change management process
*  Provide training and education that transforms learning into performance
*  Understand how organizational culture and values affect change
*  Reinforce new behaviors through rewards or recognition  ______________________________________________________________________

Performance Improvement Solutions

Whether your change initiative involves reorganization, new leadership, new technology, new processes or other changes, SSI’s performance improvement process helps articulate goals, and links these goals to performance. We also diagnose the current state of performance in the organization, find the root causes for performance deficiencies, implement solutions and evaluate the results of the interventions.  

Examples of performance improvement solutions include:  

*  Developing or clarifying organizational mission and strategies
*  Setting and communicating clear job expectations
*  Designing and implementing feedback systems
*  Improving teamwork
*  Creating job appraisals and aids
*  Training and technical assistance
*  Creating incentive and recognition practices
*  Redesigning processes
*  Developing and implementing job standards
*  Providing new equipment or tools _____________________________________________________________________

Understanding & Changing Your Culture

If your organizational culture is not high-performing, culture change might be necessary and it is a significant undertaking. Before you can change your culture, you need to understand it. This may be difficult without an objective perspective—SSI lends this perspective and helps determine what it takes for organizations to achieve a high-performing culture.